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Water Well Contractors


Section 43-35-11 states:

Certificate required. - After the first day of January 1972, no person, partnership, firm, or corporation shall engage in the business of water well contracting unless certified to do so by the board of water well contractors.

Section 43-35-13 North Dakota Century Code states in part:

CERTIFICATE - How obtained - Fee - Bond. Any person desiring to take the examination to become a certified water well or monitoring well contractor shall first have completed a minimum of one year apprenticeship or experience in water well drilling and construction under the direct supervision of a certified water well contractor or have completed a vocational school program of at least one year in water well construction and shall make application to the Board and pay to the board treasurer a nonrefundable examination fee in the amount of ten dollars.

Board of Water Well Contractors rule 90-02-02-08 states:

DEFINITION OF ONE YEAR'S EXPERIENCE. One year's experience as required by statute shall consist of 12 months of full time employment in drilling water wells under the direct supervision of a certified water well contractor, which experience shall have occurred during the three years immediately preceding the date of application, or suitable vocational training approved by the board. The board may, upon application and request, approve equivalent experience under a non-licensed water well driller if the experience was in a state other than North Dakota and if the board is satisfied that the experience was the equivalent of working under a certified water well contractor in North Dakota. Monitoring well contractors may qualify if they hold a bachelor's degree in Engineering or Geology. The board may certify other experience as equivalent as it finds appropriate. Certified monitoring well drillers are not certified to construct production wells.

Therefore, it will be necessary for you to provide documentation regarding your actual experience in water well construction during the past three years. This should include the number of wells in which you assisted in the construction, the approximate dates (month, year) the wells were drilled, the well owner and any other information that would be helpful in evaluating your experience. Three references must also be provided who can attest to your water well drilling experience. The information and references must be received at least 30 days prior to the exam as references must be checked and submitted to the ND Board of Water Well Contractors for their approval. The law requires that written notification of the board's approval be sent out at least 10 days before the test is given.

The certification exam is given quarterly in February, May, August, and November. The fee for taking the exam is $100. Upon successful completion of the exam and furnishing a surety bond in the amount of $15,000, a certification fee of $200 will also be required. The bond and certification fee must be furnished within six (6) months of the exam date or the test will have to be repeated.

A copy of the rules for Water Well Construction and Water Well Pump Installation is found at the link below. A new edition of the book "Ground Water and Wells," which can be useful in preparing for the exam may be ordered from the Smyth Company at 508 10th Street NE, Austin, MN 55912. If you wish to call, the Toll Free Telephone No. is 1-800-397-6110 or call 507-433-7316.